The Importance of Regular Dental Examinations

Good oral health and hygiene are fundamental to maintaining the overall health of the individual and the foundation of good oral health is taking the necessary preventative measures. Of course, things like regular brushing and flossing are an important part of home care, but you also need to undergo regular dental checkups. The problem is that many people neglect this critical part of preventative dentistry and they only seek care when they experience a significant problem.

Only visiting the dentist when there is a problem is a major mistake that can often lead to the worsening of an issue that could have been treated with a fairly simple solution. The regular dental examination and cleaning gives the dentist the opportunity to detect and diagnose issues early and it is also an opportunity for the dentist to take measures that can help to prevent problems all together. It is understandable that you may feel as though you do not have the time or that you may have anxiety about dental care, but you are likely to cause yourself more problems by avoiding this basic component of personal health care.

The first part of the routine dental visit will be the examination. The dentist is likely to start by asking the patient questions regarding their oral health. These questions will be in regard to things like pain that you have experienced or if any problems have become apparent since your last checkup. This information can help to guide the dentist while they are physically examining your teeth and gums.

Once the dentist has completed the examination, they will move on to the cleaning phase of the visit. The regular cleaning is a preventative measure and it consists of a few different elements. The first part of the cleaning involves removing any mineral build-up or tartar from the patient’s teeth. After that, the patient will have their teeth cleaned and polished and this may be followed by a fluoride treatment. Along with the cleaning, the dentist may give you some advice for home care and they may also address some issues that were noticed during the examination.

It is important to get a regular dental checkup at least once a year, but the ADA and most dentists will recommend that patients have an examination and cleaning every six months. Not only will this help the individual to prevent problems with their oral health, but it also helps to ensure that the problems that do occur are identified early. For a Century City dentist that can take care of all of your routine dental care needs and more, schedule an appointment with the Dr. Elliot Nayssan at Century City Dental Group. To schedule your complimentary consultation please call (310) 557-1704 or for more information visit

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