Should You Wear a Mouth Guard ?

Mouth guard for teeth grinding

Taking care of your teeth requires more than regular visits to the dentist and proper oral hygiene. You also have to protect your teeth from damage. Grinding your teeth while you sleep, for example, can cause permanent harm to the enamel. Engaging in high-action sports activities also puts you at risk of chipping or breaking a tooth due to an unforeseen collision. Wearing a mouth guard can help prevent this damage and ensures your teeth stay safe.

If your dentist determines that you grind your teeth while you sleep, he or she will likely recommend that you wear a mouth guard at night. These guards are commonly referred to as “night guards” or “nocturnal bite plates,” but the concept is simple: you wear the guard while you sleep to limit the damage from nighttime grinding. Grinding is mainly caused by stress and especially becomes active at night which puts immense pressure on ones teeth and jaw, which can cause damage. It is recommended to get a custom-fitted guard made by your Century City dentist to ensure that it fits your mouth correctly; however, over-the-counter variants are available. Please consult with your dentist for advice on how to properly and safely approach this issue.

Sports and Recreation
You’ve probably seen hockey players, boxers, football and basketball players wearing protective mouth guards. But they’re not the only ones who need to protect their teeth! According to the American Dental Association, wearing a mouth guard reduces your chances of injury by about half when engaging in a wide range of recreational sporting activities. Weightlifting, gymnastics, skating, biking, and group athletics are all activities for which the ADA recommends the use of a mouth guard. It’s always best to err on the side of caution — you only get one set of adult teeth!

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